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REGUPOL BSW has been a 100% family-owned business from day one. Founder Karl Pöppel acted as Managing Director from 1954 until his retirement in the early 80s, followed by his son Hans-Herbert Pöppel, Managing Director from 1965 - 1989. From 1989 on, Ulf Pöppel and Rainer Pöppel were managing directors. Since 2022, Rainer Pöppel, CEO; and Dirk Pöppel, CFO have been part of the company's management. Sebastian Pöppel, Christian Pöppel and Niels Pöppel are REGUPOL BSW shareholders and Sales, Purchase and Production Directors, thus representing the fourth generation of the Pöppel family to serve REGUPOL BSW and its subsidiaries. Generation number five is in the cradle, kindergarten and primary school. It is our aim that one day this generation will continue the tradition as well.


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NRW Environmental Economy Award

REGUPOL has been acting in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner for almost 70 years and is one of the three winners of the NRW Environmental Economy Award.


65 years of BSW

CrossFit Games

REGUPOL becomes the official flooring sponsor of the CrossFit Games.


Incorporation of REGUPOL Schweiz AG in Dietikon, Switzerland

Niels Pöppel

Niels Pöppel, M.Sc., joins the Management Team of BSW as Director of Business Development for Sports and Acoustic Products.

REGUPOL Acoustics Middle East

Incorporation of REGUPOL Acoustics Middle East in Dubai


The “Elbphilharmonie” is a cultural landmark in the “HafenCity” quarter of Hamburg, Germany. It is one of the largest, and acoustically most advanced concert halls in the world.

Sebastian Pöppel

Sebastian Pöppel, LL.M, joins the Management Team of BSW as Director of Business Development for Protective Layers, Load Securement and Sports Mats.

BSW Shanghai Company Ltd

Incorporation of BSW Shanghai Company Ltd in China.

Christian Pöppel

Christian Pöppel, M.Sc. joins the Management Team of BSW as Director of Purchasing and Production.

BSW acquires another piece of land

BSW acquires another 230,000 sq ft (in qm: 23.000) piece of land in Bad Berleburg, Germany to build what is today the Logistic Centre of the company.

Usain Bolt

BSW signs an advertising contract with Usain Bolt.

World Championships in Athletics

At the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, sprint legend Usain Bolt sets the world record in both the 100m and the 200m dashes on the Blue REGUPOL track at “Olympiastadion Berlin”.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Dubai is probably the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates, and home to the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

Seamless safety surfacing

Installation of the first seamless safety surfacing by BSW, called "playfix".

REGUPOL running track

The blue REGUPOL running track at “Olympiastadion Berlin” has become a symbol for athletics in Germany, and throughout Europe.

everroll gym flooring

The first Installation of gym flooring (everroll).

Joint venture in the US

BSW starts the first manufacturing joint venture in the US.

Anti-Slip Mats

BSW begins selling Anti-Slip Mats.

REGUPOL Safety Tiles

BSW starts to make and sell the first REGUPOL Safety Tiles.

Acquisition of land and building at Bad Berleburg-Sählingstraße

The 400,000 sq ft facility (in qm: 40.000) over time becomes home to all of BSW's foam and rebonded foam manufacturing equipment.

REGUPOL protective layers

BSW sells the first REGUPOL protective layers for flat roofs (membrane protection).

Installation outside of Germany

The first REGUPOL running tracks are installed outside Germany, in the Philippines and Columbia.

“Olympic Games“ in Munich

The first international sports event that involves REGUPOL surfaces: The “Olympic Games“ in Munich.

Regupol running track

The first REGUPOL running track is installed in Germany.

Martial Arts Mats

Sale of the first BSW Tatami Martial Arts Mats.

Product offerings

REGUPOL Impact Sound Insulation, and REGUPOL Sports Surfaces are officially launched as product offerings — This is considered the beginning of the REGUPOL era!

Development Regupol Elastic Tiles and Interlocking Pavers

REGUPOL Elastic Tiles and REGUPOL Interlocking Pavers are developed and first used for children playgrounds.

First REGUPOL sports surfaces

BSW begins to manufacture and sell the first REGUPOL sports surfaces for multipurpose pitches in Germany.

Production of rebonded foam

Production of rebonded foam — BSW develops a wide range of rebonded foam products. The first plant and offices are built at Hilgenacker, Bad Berleburg.