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What we promise

The essence of a brand is the promise it makes. That’s why a good brand essence is more than just a slogan. Above all, it’s a direction, a reflection of objectives, an aspiration, which we as a manufacturer and supplier constantly want to live up to. Strong brands bring the core and essence of their products and services to life. They make sure it’s something their customers can experience. That is not a simple task, there are only very few brands that can actually put this into practice. The brands with the strongest core values are well known: for BMW, it’s the pleasure of driving, for Nivea, it’s care, for Audi, technology and for Nike, it’s performance – promises that don’t remain enclosed in advertising but can be experienced wherever people come into contact with the brand, its products and employees. We also have a brand essence. It primarily determines what drives us, what characterizes us, what our value is, what we can do for our customers differently and better than other brands. The essence is what makes the REGUPOL brand unmistakable.

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