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2020 - REGUPOL is sponsor of the German track and field club LAZ Puma Rhein-Sieg

Already in 2018, REGUPOL renovated the worn-out running track at the Walter-Mundorf-Stadium in Siegburg, Germany: Training centre of the LAZ, that was founded in 2004. Since that time, we have sponsored the annual meeting on Pentecost that is organized by the track and field club. Long-term cooperation was the next logical step for both sides. The contract is for an initial period of four years and was signed by both parties in December 2019.

Thomas Eickmann, the athletic director and coach of the LAZ Puma Rhein-Sieg, expressed his satisfaction with the new sponsoring partner: “I could not have wanted a better partner than REGUPOL to renovate our running track. From planning to construction and beyond: Great team, fast track!”